Sydney Dog & Cat Boarding is a family-run business

Lee & Fiona are not just “new kids on the block.” They are extremely knowledgeable & have proven their dedication by being in the pet care industry for over 30 years. Fiona started her own dog grooming business at the young age of 15! There was never anything else she wanted to do besides care for animals. She was involved in dog training and animal rescue along the way. Fast forward a few years…she ended up getting married to Lee who as a young child, would give up his lunch money at school to feed the homeless dogs. These two were a match made in heaven! They both were heavily involved in animal adoption which led to the start of Sydney Dog And Cat Boarding. Their clients often say they would never leave their pets anywhere else! The facility grounds are set on 5 fully fenced acres surrounded by nature away from all the hustle and bustle. An air conditioned pet taxi is also available to collect and drop your pets off to your desired location. It operates all over Sydney.

A Passion, not "just a business"

Lee and Fiona are extremely passionate about what they do. Sydney Dog And Cat Boarding ensure that all pets in care are treated with love, care and kindness by the team of dedicated staff in a safe environment. Taking care of someone else’s pets is a huge responsibility and it is not easy leaving your pet with just anybody.

Every meal is a happy meal!

Your fur-babies are fed only the best quality food, which consists of raw meat and Australian made premium dry food. We are always happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements…all you need to do is ask.

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